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Welcome to ImmaAdama. – A regional farmer’s market.

Everything is picked only after your order with strict supervision of pesticides and under Rabbanut supervision.

Our mission:  To provide fresh, delicious and supervised Israeli agricultural produce while supporting Israeli farmers.
 “ImmaAdama” is an advanced technological platform, behind which stand about 200 outstanding Israeli farmers.
 In “ImmaAdama.” We have a logistics center that includes a warehouse, a delivery system and customer service.

So how does it actually work? – The orders received in the system are processed and sent to farmers. The farmers carefully pick exactly the quantity ordered from them.

The fresh produce arrives at our warehouse where it is goes through a thorough inspection to see that it meets the required standards.

Only after everything is in order, the orders are packaged and sent to customers.

“Thorough inspection” – what are the measures taken to ensure the freshness of the produce?


Only fruits and vegetables that have reached the natural, seasonal ripening are sold on site. At ImmaAdama you won’t find citrus fruits in the summer or pomegranates in spring. Our fruits and vegetables are marketed as created by nature: no added color (a known trick), no different “protection” or shining coatings (which do not come off when rinsing with water), no “waxing” (a substance that prevents water from being dripping from the fruit’s shell) and more. Our farmers do not expedite the ripening of produce by using gases, as is sometimes the case in Israel and around the world.


Our customers are also part of ImmaAdama’s quality control system. The feedback that is delivered to us goes directly to the farmer that grew the product, whether regarding the quality or taste of the produce you received. Every inquiry is reviewed and we and the farmers do whatever it takes to improve.


Unfortunately, there is no regulation in Israel that defines the use of pesticides.

Some of the standards that the farmers we work with adhere to:

Global G.A.P. standard. •

BRC – Strict European standard for packaging warehouses

TNC – a standard that allows the supply of produce to “Tesco”

Leaf – a standard that enables the supply of produce to “Waitress”

F2F – a standard that enables the delivery of produce to “Mark & Spencer’s” UK



Imma Adama

Business Number: 513954396
Phone: 054-778-1580
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